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Blume Body Sugaring Co. owner and operator, Amber Kapell, started her business after she had a waxing appointment go south (no pun intended).  She was determined there had to be a better option to the sometimes painful and harsh conditions of waxing.  After talking with a friend, Amber decided she would give sugaring a try… and she’s never looked back.  After several years of sugaring and telling her friends, many of them knew nothing about this glorious form of hair removal, which started her thinking SHE needed to offer this amazing, natural, chemical free service. So she started her business! Amber has been sugaring babes since 2012.

In 2017, Amber was introduced to spray tanning.  She couldn’t believe it took her THAT long to realize spray tanning is the perfect complement to sugaring.  Spray tanning is the best way to get a beautiful bronzed and glowing tan without the cost of premature skin aging and harmful UV exposure.

Amber provides a comfortable space and a combination of sugaring and spray tanning treatments for women to feel flawless, sexy and empowered!


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