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  • Is the spray tan customized?
    Yes, we customize all our spray tans. Several factors are taken into consideration such as: your skin type, hair and eye colour and the shade of tan you desire.
  • Will I be orange and streaky?
    No way! Our solution is made with the highest quality DHA, derived from sugar beets and sugar cane NOT beta carotene (carrot extract), guaranteeing your tan will be perfectly golden-brown. Our airbrush technician is highly experienced and trained to avoid streaks and unevenness.
  • How long will my spray tan last?
    This depends on a few factors: your aftercare, your physical activity and your skin type. Your spray tan should last you a minimum 7 days and potentially 2 weeks. We advise all clients to moisturize everyday which will aid in spray tan longevity. If you really want to make the most out of your tan, we recommend using our Xtend moisturizing lotion.
  • What is the difference between the standard and express solution?
    The only difference is the shower time post spray tan. Both solutions are customizable to your desired darkness and they last the same amount of time.
  • I have fair skin, will my tan still look natural?"
    You bet it will! We will customize your solution to your skin tone.
  • I noticed my face always fades first, WHY?"
    Our face fades before our body for a couple reasons. We wash our faces more frequently and we apply different products every day (makeup, creams, exfoliants etc.) which can break down our tan more quickly. Our Pumped-up Foam Mousse is perfect for a quick touch up!
  • What should I wear during my appointment?
    Ladies, you can wear as much or as little as you like. We do provide disposable thongs and pasties if needed (keep in mind unwanted tan lines). Men, we require you to wear underwear. If you are worried about tan lines (for a shoot or competition) please contact us directly.
  • I have dry skin, can I still get a spray tan?"
    Yes, you sure can! But please keep in mind your spray tan may fade unevenly. If you are prone to dry skin, moisturize as much as you can prior to your spray tan appointment.
  • Why do some spray tans appear patchy as they fade?
    The DHA creates a bronzing effect on our skin cells. When your skin goes through its natural exfoliation process, dead skin cells shed. It is important to note that not every cell will shed at the same time. You may have some bronzed skin cells that remain or last longer than others. This process can be a bit more noticeable when you choose a shade quite a bit darker than your natural skin colour. Our Extend Moisturizing Lotion is a fantastic solution to help minimize a patchy look.
  • Can I get a spray tan if my skin is sun burnt and peeling?
    We recommend waiting for your skin to heal. Your spray tan will appear patchy with peeling skin.
  • Are spray tans safe for pregnant or nursing women?
    Our solutions are safe for expectant and nursing moms. But as always, if you have any concerns please inquire with your doctor.
  • What is sugaring?
    Sugaring is a technique used by a licensed Sugarista who applies a water-soluble sugar paste to extract unwanted hair from head to toe. The paste is applied against the hair growth and then removed with a gentle flicking motion with the natural direction of hair growth. Sugar DOES NOT adhere to the live skin cells (only dead ones, aka dry skin!) therefore leaves skin extra soft and hair free.
  • What are the benefits of getting sugared?
    Sugaring is hygienic (no chance of cross contamination), smooth skin lasts up to 2-3 weeks and is much less painful if done monthly, and less ingrown hairs than other hair removal methods. Also, sugaring is a 100% natural, organic exfoliating treatment for the skin and can lead to softer and sparser hair growth!
  • How long does my hair have to be to get sugared?
    For best results, we recommend your hair be at least 1/8” long or about 14 days of hair growth from your last shave OR 4-6 weeks from your last sugaring appointment.
  • How long does sugaring last?
    Everyone has different results as we are all different. For the most part, your results should last 1-3 weeks of smooth skin and then the hair will start growing back in.
  • Will the sugar paste burn me?
    No, the paste will never burn you. It is kept and applied at a lukewarm temperature.
  • Is sugaring safe for expectant or nursing mommas?
    Yes, absolutely! But please check with your doctor if you have any concerns.
  • Oh NO! I have my period, can I still get my Brazillian?"
    You bet! Simply wear a tampon, and tuck the string in. Also sometimes it may be a bit more sensitive so maybe take an Advil.
  • Can I still get sugared if I use Acutane, Rentin-A or other retinoid creams?"
    If you are currently using any of the above mentioned, NO. If you have recently stopped taking retinoid (about a month) then we can proceed. We recommend waiting about 6 months after using Acutane.
  • Can I get a spray tan right after sugaring?
    We recommend waiting 24hrs after your sugaring service to receive a spray tan; this allows the pores to close. Waiting a day will give you a longer lasting spray tan. With the exfoliation from the sugaring and the lack of shaving, tanning after sugaring is a perfect combination for silky bronze skin.
  • Do you do Manzilians?
    Nope, sorry Boys! But we’d be happy to assist you in the chest, back or arm department!


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